Gallery of Unique Creations


Gallery of Custom Projects. To be used as an idea board for your next project. I can mix and match different elements. We can change sizes, colors, etc.

Amish 3 in 1 Chair


High Chair, Desk, and Rocking Chair in one piece of furniture. Made from Figured Maple, finished with shellac and Gloss Lacquer.

Wall Art for Charity Auction

18 inch Diameter Wall Art was donated to a local charity auction. Made from figured Maple, stained with two different colors and clear coated with gloss lacquer.

Custom Headboard

Headboard for Queen Sized Bed. Bolted to Sleep Number Mattress Frame. 57" Tall.

Garden Gate and Trellis

Whimsical Garden Gate and Trellis. vines on Right side will be trained to go over entire structure

Dining Room Table

Five foot by 3 foot Dining Table Made from Solid Maple. All Wood Components were manufactered by Lady and the Carpenter.

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